Monica Slaney

Photographer, Interior Designer, Owner of PHOTOGRAPHIE:FOURSEVEN


Hi, I'm Monica Slaney. I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and every day was an outdoor adventure for me and my siblings. The natural beauty of my home state still takes my breath away. That's where I inherited my love for nature. After receiving my Bachelor's in Interior Design from West Virginia University I headed South to begin my 30+ year career in the commercial Architecture and Interior Design industry. That's when I truly found my love for design.  After 10 years in North Carolina, I relocated to Miami Florida and spent years absorbing all of the culture, art, and creative life that swirled around me. That's how I found my love for photography.

Almost 10 years ago I created PHOTOGRAPHIE:FOURSEVEN, a commercial Architecture and Interior Design photography studio, where through photos I tell stories about buildings and their relationship with the people who use them. Within Monica Slaney Art & Photo you'll find similar storytelling about people, places, and things that I've experienced. I hope you'll look at these photographs and formulate your own idea of what was happening in that moment of time. 

For years, fellow Designers have been sharing with me their struggle to find custom framed photography. They want truly unique photo prints, wrapped in luxury framing, and delivered ready to hang. They want full-service custom art, and they want it to be simple. Monica Slaney Art & Photo was built on the need to make centerpiece photography easily available to everyone.  

I currently live in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. I love spending time kayaking, camping, hanging at the beach with friends and family, and planning my next exotic adventure.